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Learning how to trade and invest technically, leveraging the power of options for consistent returns is time consuming and challenging. But, it can be incredibly rewarding for those willing to put in the work. Like any other activity, the best way to learn how to trade for consistent returns is through real experience. However, real experience can be costly without proper education and access to the right information.

That's where TechieInvestor comes in.

We truly believe that there are five elements of successful trading

  • Trading process: Doing what is  required on a daily basis

  • Wealth process: Having a strong enough money mindset to have sufficient funds to trade with

  • Business plan: Developing and maintaining a business plan to guide your trading

  • System: Having a good technical trading strategy or perhaps 2-3 good technical trading strategies for different market conditions

  • Position sizing: should be in place to meet your objective

We create top-notch, highly visual educational posts and videos (that are completely free) for technical traders  of all levels to achieve trading excellence through  the five elements mentioned above and in turn generate consistent returns. In particular, we focus on the technical indicators, and systems that could be used for maximizing the profits in the trades with conviction. The techniques specified can be used for day trading as well as swing trading. While there are many vehicles for trading, we use options as primary strategy.  


Furthermore, we stress upon the importance of having a super trader mindset and trade in the zone that enables you to have a consistent and profitable trading experience. We would also like to empower you with money management skills and investment strategies that you could use to create wealth with profits generated from trades.


Welcome to Techie Investor

With so many available sources you can use to learn technical trading strategies, why use TechieInvestor?


First of all, there's no other source out there that has guides to capture all the elements of successful trading as mentioned above. We teach what we use to grow our personal trading portfolio and strive to provide you with step by step guide to achieve long term growth and consistent returns. 

Secondly, we also provide daily market analysis and options trading ideas for the day backed up by in depth technical analysis for free. 


Lastly, we're more than willing to spend time helping you overcome the hurdles you're currently facing and build a crash proof portfolio.

We are super excited and hope you are too to begin your journey of TechieInvestor!!!  What are you waiting for? Start learning today how to invest technically leveraging the power of options for  growth and consistent returns by subscribing below.  If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. Just use the contact information in our home page to get the conversation going!

P.S. - You should subscribe to our blog by using the form below, as it's the only place you'll hear about our daily market analysis, option trading ideas, technical strategy guides and updates. And we encourage you to check out our Services page and plans that enables you to get access to daily options picks. See you on the other side!!

Why Choose Us?

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