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DRIP Network: How you can turn $500 to 2 Million dollars

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Are you kidding me? Seriously? You should be joking right? Are you trying to conn me? Is this some kind of Ponzi scheme? These are the phrases I heard from a close family relative when I mentioned that there is a possibility of generating 2 million dollars from an initial investment of $500. I was expecting this kind of response as not so long ago, I gave the same kind of responses when Derek shared DRIP with me.

I waited patiently for him to digest what I said. I took a deep breath and told him that all his apprehensions are valid and I would also feel the same if someone had told me that I would be a multi-millionaire with an initial investment of 500. With a straight face, I asked him if he would consider getting more information and invest what he can afford to lose if there is at least a 1% chance it is real? He nodded his head in affirmation.

Can you relate to the above scenario? If you are building a team, I can imagine that you could be in the situation mentioned above very often. Being an investor in real estate and equities, I understand the value of compounding but have never seen the returns like what DRIP generates. It was shocking and unreal for me that this kind of opportunity exists when I first heard about it.


Before I entered DRIP in December 2021, I have been generating passive income of at least 5k through real estate and dividends for the past 2 years and had recently set a goal to double my passive income and it was the top thought in my mind. In my research, I found that staking opportunities in Crypto are the way to go for more passive income with less investment. I got introduced to DRIP last December when I was in the midst of passive income research. I always believe Universe will align events in your life based on your thoughts and I saw DRIP as a sign to boost my passive income.

Is DRIP Real

DRIP positions itself as a token very similar to a deposit certificate that yields 1% daily with your capital locked for life ( you cannot get back your capital but can collect 1% interest on the capital) and gives the option of compounding the 1% interest generated in a 24 hr period that can result in an APR of 3678%

I set out to find answers to so many questions in my mind such as - how can DRIP give you 1% daily, Is this a Ponzi scheme, Is this network marketing etc digesting information available on the internet and their website ( white paper) and talking to members of the DRIP community. Below is the article that summarizes my findings. You might get answers to most of your questions in the post.

Is DRIP sustainable

I was relieved and excited to learn that DRIP is neither a network marketing nor a Ponzi scheme and they pay their members through the taxes collected via transactions and it is more than sufficient to pay the 1% claims based on game theory.

Game theory ?? Over your head. I didn't understand much either initially. Game theory is an interesting concept and is used as a standard analysis tool in many industries such as Operations research, finance, economics etc. In simpler terms, it can be used even in negotiating salary raises, real estate negotiations, making money in stock markets, fantasy sports etc. More about Game theory in another post.

DRIP team has modeled the interactions between buyers and seller of the DRIP with rules and outcomes in such a way that there is enough left in their vault to pay the claims made by sellers through taxes levied on transactions.

Ok Great. Next, I started looking at how this token can sustain for the next 3-5 years by increasing its utility. It just cannot be with referrals. How can they increase their market cap? Below is the post that summarizes my findings. I liked the fact that DRIP is actively working to create an ecosystem around the token through partnerships, yield farming ( Layer 1 and Layer 2 farms), gaming, Metaverse (NFTs), and payment systems.

DRIP Potential

Now, I was convinced that there is a potential opportunity knowing that DRIP is real and is sustainable with the ecosystem being built around it. As I had mentioned earlier, I was looking for passive income more than growth. DRIP community is awesome and they have developed calculators to know how much can you make in a period. Below are two calculators I used to determine the initial investment to achieve my passive income goals. You would not be able to edit the spreadsheet directly. Make a copy of it and play around with it. The key here is to invest what you can afford to lose and develop the patience to see the compounding doing magic.

Attached is the screen shot that shows the amount you can generate for $500 initial investment. Also, I have provided links to two calculators I use to determine the initial investment to achieve my passive income goals. You would not be able to edit the spreadsheet directly. Make a copy of it and play around with it. The key here is to invest what you can afford to lose and develop the patience to see the compounding doing magic.


Being a trader, I always weigh the risk-reward before entering the trade. As I mentioned in the title, based on the calculator, you can generate more than 2 million dollars in 3 years. What is the risk? I would lose my 500 dollars invested. Why might I lose those $500

  • If you are in the US, crypto is considered a property and there might be federal regulations that might stop you from generating income from crypto.

  • DRIP does a rug pull and the crypto crashes which is unlikely. I have been following Forex shark on social media. He has already created BR34P which is hugely successful and extensively used in the referral and reward systems used by other tokens.

The reward outweighs the risk and it made sense to me to invest what I can afford to lose.


In trading, if we feel that there is a potential move in a stock or option, we put bare minimum capital( maybe 1 option) to work while we research more on the play considered. I carried the same mindset into DRIP. I started with what I can afford to lose and gradually increased my investment as my confidence grew. I think it is the best opportunity available out there. The question is how much can you afford to lose to get started.

How to start:

  1. Buy BNB from a crypto exchange such as Binance or

  2. Setup a crypto wallet such as MetaMask, copy the account address, and then in Binance (or other exchange) withdraw to that wallet address you copied.

  3. If you are happy to use my buddy address then go to and then click to connect your crypto wallet.

  4. Then click the “buddy detected” button, and then click “update” to save and you will be asked to confirm.

  5. Then click the “Swap” menu and exchange BNB for DRIP, ensuring that 0.1 BNB is kept in your wallet to pay for transaction fees.

You’re set up on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily! But, do come back daily to hit that hydrate/re-compound button!

Telegram Group:

NOTE: The amount Deposited cannot be withdrawn. In exchange, you receive 1% of that staked amount on a 24 hr basis for the next 365 days, which can be rehydrated/compounded, or claimed.

Disclaimers: Under no circumstances should any of this information be taken as financial advice. I’m not a finance professional. Mileage may vary. While I think the numbers are accurate and the principles and equations are sound, there could be mistakes in the spreadsheet or other factors I haven’t considered. If you find any major errors, I might just send you some DRIP as a thank-you.

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