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Market technical analysis with Options Trading Ideas SPY, TSLA, ADBE, MSFT, WDAY – October 19, 2020

Good Morning folks.

SPY , On October 18, formed two days above the cloud and conversion and is at 346.20. It looks like it briefly went into the cloud and finished above the cloud. Now , where it is heading. As we have been telling for a long time, the target for SPY is 375. However, there might be time to get there. Meanwhile, the short term targets for SPY is 355 and is poised to achieve it this week as shown in the chart.

TSLA has earnings this week on October 21. TSLA looks still bullish above the cloud. Even Lag span is above the price. Targets for TSLA is at 87.5 retracement (488). if extremely bullish, can go to 550 and above. Time wise, it looks good to go there.

MSFT also has earnings on October 21. Ichimoku wise it looks bullish. Can go to 230 and retrace.162.5 retracement is at 245 but feel that it has time to go there.

ADBE has earnings on Dec 15. But, is poised to go to 530 this week. WDAY too has possibility of hitting 240. Both are bullish as per ichimoku conditions.


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