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Welcome to Techie Investor !!!!

My name is Srini and I have been a technical trader for more than 12 years and have been blessed with mentors who had taught me how to trade profitably. I am humbled and blessed to be able to give back by sharing the knowledge gained ( what worked and what did not work) in all these years through this blog.

For those of you visiting the site for the first time, You might want to know what this site is all about. This site is primarily for technical traders and investors and focuses on the technical indicators, and systems that could be used for maximizing the profits in the trades with conviction. The techniques specified can be used for day trading as well as swing trading . There are many vehicles for trading. We use options as primary strategy.

In addition, we also stress upon the importance of having a super trader mindset and trade in the zone that enables you to have a consistent and profitable trading experience. we would also like to empower you with money management skills and investment strategies that you could use to create wealth with profits generated from trades. Also, Currently experimenting with a few machine learning strategies that can be used to automate the trades. Will be sharing the results of these experiments in the future.

I am super excited and hope you are too. Looking forward to learn and grow together!!!

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