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5 Elements of Successful Stock Trading
Techie Investor

5 Elements of Successful Stock Trading

What is this channel all about? This channel is all about learning how to trade and invest technically leveraging the power of options for consistent growth and returns. This video in detail talks about what are the five elements of successful trading as suggested by Van Tharp and how they can be used to achieve your objectives in trading. In particular, we focus on the technical trading strategies that can be used in all market conditions to achieve profitability in your trades with high conviction. We also focus on how to develop a super trader mindset and trade in the zone to have a consistent ad profitable trading experience. In addition, we also talk about money management and investment strategies that can be used to develop a long term crash proof portfolio to generate wealth. In a nutshell, our goal is to help technical traders of all levels to achieve excellence through the five elements of trading and in turn generate growth and consistent returns. We are excited and hope you are excited too to begin your journey with Techieinvestor! What are you waiting for? Subscribe to our channel and start learning today how to trade and invest technically to generate consistent growth and returns. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to help. You know how to reach us, right? So, subscribe to our channel as it is the only place you will hear about our market analysis, option trading ideas, technical guides and updates. To learn more about us, do visit us at
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