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Option Idea Notes – Sep 1,2020

SPY formed a second red candle today but has not formed a lower low. Need to see if it will go to 356-357 directly

Zoom quadrupled its revenue and that was reflected in the price after earnings. It moved 150$. As per the gann fan, we are looking at zoom price of $500. A good entry point would be below 447

HD is setting up well to touch 300. Has fallen for 4 days and is consolidating at 285. We might see the move by next week. So, next week 285-290 calls may be a good bet when it crosses the conversion line at 285.68 and flat line resistance at 285.97. There is an other flatline resistance at 288.69. But, overall , looks bullish

NFLX broke over the flat line resistance of 523.26 yesterday. It may make a quick move to 561 and above by next week. IDXX also broke above the flat line resistance of 386.15 and can make a move above 400.

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