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The Law of Attraction: Does it Work?

My son was at home for the Thanksgiving weekend and we were having a light-hearted banter about various topics - the American education system, sports, religion, LGBTQ, the law of attraction, etc. When I asked him whether he believes in the law of attraction, he said that it should logically work as we tend to acquire the qualities needed for what we want the most. That kind of stuck with me.

Later I watched a video clip from DareToDo channel. For those of you who are not aware of this channel, it is a channel talking about life lessons through stories. The story goes like this.

There was a young wealthy man in a town and was engrossed in accumulating wealth and seemed to be happy. One day, he comes to know that his neighbor son, who was about his age, dies because of a peculiar disease. He was shocked that a young man his age could die so soon and asked the neighbors for the cause of death. They said that they are not aware of the cause and said that "anything could happen to anyone at any time and it is beyond our control". What the neighbors said stuck with the young wealthy man and he became very nervous. He became very worried about his death and gradually the thoughts of his death consumed him. He lost his appetite and after a while got bedridden. He now believed in his mind that he would die soon.

A monk was passing by the town in which this young wealthy man lived and the family members of this young man requested the monk to help him recover. The monk came to see the young man and asked him what he wanted and why was he so sick? The young man cried out repeatedly that he did not want to die. The monk also came to know from his family members that his health deteriorated after the demise of their neighbor son. The monk said that he will come back tomorrow with a solution for his problem

The next day, the monk came and told him that he would share a mantra that should be constantly chanted for him to recover. The wealthy man promised that he would and was eager to hear the mantra. The mantra was " I will live happily until I die". The wealthy man chanted this mantra constantly and started feeling better day after day. He was back to his normal self very soon. He met the monk and thanked him profusely for the mantra that brought him back to life. The monk smiled and said that you are responsible for the recovery and he just helped him to think about what he wanted the most.

The moral of this story is that in life, we become what we think about the most. Doesn't this sound like the law of attraction? yes, it is. In the above story, the monk helped the young man to shift his thoughts from worry of death to happiness which is essential for living a long life. Similarly, if we want to become rich, we need to start thinking like rich people that would lead to actions for manifesting abundance in our life.

Does Law of attraction work? Yes, if we think about what we want the most.Below are some guidelines that worked for me.

  1. We got to understand that we can get anything we want but not everything we want at the same time. So, we need to identify the most important thing that we want and focus on it.

  2. Affirmations work. Visualization works even better as humans tend to remember pictures more than words ( affirmations). Think about this. Do we associate a name to a face or a face to the name? We remember the face when a name is mentioned right. Visualize how you would feel when you get what you want. Try to attach strong emotions such as joy, elation when you get what you want in your visualization.

  3. Have the frame fixed in your visualization where you achieved what you want to the right and to the left of that frame, visualize the actions that need to be done to achieve what you wanted.

  4. Now more to the left. Visualize the thoughts that you would have that would enable you to take action every day to achieve what you want.

  5. Dedicate multiple time intervals every day to visualize the results, actions, and thoughts in order. If we can make our minds believe, we can make it a reality.

  6. If you are not clear about what you want, take some time to understand yourself and what is of top value to you. if you are either not clear about either what action needs to be taken or what thought process should you follow to achieve what you want, try to learn and shadow the leaders who had achieved similar goals.

Now let us see how we can use this visualization as a trader. let us say your goal is to have your account net worth of 1,845,297 ( gave a random number as our mind thinks more about peculiar numbers more than the normal numbers) in your trading account.

  1. I would visualize myself coming in the morning and opening my trading account to see 1,845,297 filled up in total account value. I feel so good for achieving the goal I had set and consider myself blessed and thank all my mentors, trading community for helping me achieve my goal. I remember that gratitude is the antidote to worry and would think of everything and everyone that helped me achieve my goal.

  2. Now keeping this in the right frame, I shift to actions that led me to achieve my goal. I visualize having auto-sell orders on my targets once I enter the trade. I am always checking to see if the market is giving me clues on my MTFA (multi time frame) chart setup ( weekly, daily and hourly). I am always in alignment with the trend and exit the trade when not in alignment.

  3. Now keeping the action frame and result frame to the right, I visualize thinking that I am always aligned with the market and market is always right. As a trader, I get paid to be aligned with the market.

This is just an example. You can think more wild based on your experiences and learnings. Remember, there is no one way to achieve. The goal here is to make the mind ( more precisely subconscious mind) believe which will then turn into a reality.

Final Thoughts

Law of attraction is all about us prioritizing what we want the most and laser focusing on it. We all have monkey minds and just like how monkeys jump from branch to branch, we shift from one thought to the other aimlessly. if we can focus our thoughts on one thing that we want at a time using the techniques mentioned above, the sky is the limit to what we can achieve.

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