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Daily Options trading Ideas (TLRY, TSLA, AAPL, NFLX, IWM) with Technical Analysis - Feb 12. 2020

Welcome to this episode of daily options trading ideas with technical analysis. Hope you all are having a fabulous Friday !!!

First let us look at the market where it stands. It is always good to be aligned with the market

Below is the SPY chart in the premarket. It has been an amazing bull run and the market has been very resilient. As shown in the chart, SPY has started this bullish wave on 01/29 and has completed 90 degrees from 368.27 to 392.28. Initially , I felt that this market would give away all the gains and go to 361. I was just expecting a minor correction of 20 points and not in any way a downtrend. I have to say we are in the long term bullish cycle as shown by Ichimoku cloud ( Lead span A is greater than Lead Span B and the distance between the two lines increasing into the future). But based on the market action last 2 days and the heavy volume, there is a possibility of SPY hitting 398 -400 area ( may happen by next week) before retracing to 378 and moving above 400. Lets see how the market behaves

Market Snapshot

Look at the bar chart below that indicates the top 5 sectors where the money is flowing yesterday. In the first line, 729 represents the number of option orders and the 118.2 represents the money

Also, look at the bar chart below that indicates top 5 stocks that has the bullish flow

Also look at the bar chart below that indicates top 5 stocks that has the bearish flow

I do not use this information exclusively to trade. I combine it with technical analysis for making my trading decisions

Options Trading Ideas


Recently, Cannabis stocks were on a tear and went to all time highs especially TLRY. I had been looking for an opportunity. TLRY had fallen for 2 days and had retraced to 25%. I am thinking of buying at these levels and slowly add as the stock goes in the intended direction


NFLX gave good returns this week with a double in 550 calls. I t had risen for two days and had fallen yesterday. As expected, it has touched the conversion and has been rising in the premarket. It can rise from here to 581 today and by next two weeks, it can touch 600 levels that is being expected of NFLX for quite a while


I relooked at TSLA seeing the heavy volume. It has fallen for 5 days from a high of 900.50 to 780.10 on Jan 29 and has been consolidating and rising for 10 days now. I expect a big move from TSLA to 960 in the next 5 days. Lets see how it goes


AAPL yesterday touched the trend line connecting the lower lows. expect a move to 142 now by next week. Lets go AAPL


Russel 2000 has been on a tear recently. It had gone from 204 to 230 in. a single wave and has been falling down. I feel this has more to fall. First target is 218 and below.

These picks are based on technical analysis using flat lines, trend lines, Ichimoku, fibonacci trading strategies. Would appreciate if you can provide us your feedback and also let us know which ideas you acted along with your experience.

We use automated scanners for listing the picks we are interested in and use in depth technical analysis for the entry, exit and follow through of the trade. We teach the technical strategies that we use to grow our personal trading portfolio and you can check our returns tracker.

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