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Daily Options trading Ideas (AAPL, REGN, FSR, PLTR, IWM) with Technical Analysis - Feb 18,2020

Welcome to this episode of daily options trading ideas with technical analysis. Hope you all are having a great day !!!

First let us look at the market where it stands. It is always good to be aligned with the market

Below is the SPY chart in the premarket. It has been an amazing bull run and the market has been very resilient. As shown in the chart, SPY has started this bullish wave on 01/29 and has completed 90 degrees from 368.27 to 394.17. Today, in the premarket, the conversion line and the MA 10 are at 390 and SPY went to a low of 389.57 and is hovering around 390. If SPY rebounds from this level, we are looking at 400. If it breaks down below MA 10 and conversion, we are looking at 380 area with MA 20 at 384.22 and Baseline at 381. One thing to note is TSV ( time segmented volume) is pretty green and positive in SPY

Market Snapshot

Look at the bar chart below that indicates the top 5 sectors where the money is flowing yesterday.

Also, look at the bar chart below that indicates top 5 stocks that has the bullish flow

Also look at the bar chart below that indicates top 5 stocks that has the bearish flow

I do not use this information exclusively to trade. I combine it with technical analysis for making my trading decisions

Options Trading Ideas


Looks bearish with entry into the cloud. In the premarket, it formed lower lows to 128 levels. It needs to cross 131 to get above the cloud. Bottom of the cloud is at 123.05. Looks like it wants to go to 123 and 121. Will be a nice play if the market turns bearish today


FSR went to a high of 20.64 and went to 17.90. It still has legs to go to 22. It retraced yesterday after 2 big days. Will it rebound from here to 22 area. Lets see


REGN may rebound from these levels. It went to 477 from a high of 558.91. It can go back to 560 from here in the long run. But, first, it has gone below the cloud. It has lot of resistances along the way. Lead Span A is at 487, conversion at 495, baseline at 517 and lead Span B is at 531. Right now, Lead Span B is above Lead span A that indicates a bearish set up. However, this is changing on March 3 when Lead span A goes above Lead SpanB. One thing to note, TSV is still bearish. However, RSI is at 12 and stochastics is at 6.


PLTR looks very similar to REGN. Has reached 12.5 retracement but is still above the cloud. Has potential to go to 45.50. But, immediate targets may be around the conversion 32.03 and baseline 34.69. the move is valid if it crosses 25.71 which is Lead Span A.


Russel 2000 has been on a tear recently. It had gone from 204 to 230 in. a single wave and has been falling down. I feel this has more to fall. First target is 218 and below.

These picks are based on technical analysis using flat lines, trend lines, Ichimoku, fibonacci trading strategies. Would appreciate if you can provide us your feedback and also let us know which ideas you acted along with your experience.

We use automated scanners for listing the picks we are interested in and use in depth technical analysis for the entry, exit and follow through of the trade. We teach the technical strategies that we use to grow our personal trading portfolio and you can check our returns tracker.

Also check out our services that can help you to learn how to trade and invest technically for consistent returns. We understand that our services may not be for everyone. However, if you are interested in getting timely updates about market analysis and daily option trading ideas, do subscribe to out blog by filling the form below.

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