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Houston multifamily real estate syndication

As I had mentioned in long term investment strategies post, real estate syndication is a truly passive way of generating cashflow with tax breaks along with capital appreciation. I have been working closely with a few investor friends of mine on this project and wanted to share with you this Houston multifamily opportunity that could double your investment in three to five years.

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Highlights # units : 212 units ,The Augusta North Houston Apartments. Cash on Cash: 8 to 10% Average Annualize Return: 17% to 23% Holding Period: 3 to 5-yrs Tax Benefits: 100% Write-off in Year 1 Due to Cost Seg & Bonus Depreciation Rents are $100 below the comps and lot of Value add opportunities. Stabilized asset with 94% physical occupancy

Detailed Information More details about this deal ( includes pdf and webinar ) can be accessed here Individual Investors can subscribe for this opportunity through this link

To invest as an entity (IRA, LLC, trust), click here

Few subscription steps: 1.Each share is 1$ . Eg:If you invest 75,000$, Enter amount as 75,000 and no.of shares as 75,000. 2.Please select Hanumesh Srinivas as your Sponsor in the dropdown box 3.You will get wiring instruction after subscription is completed.

Please do let me know if you need additional information.

Wishing you all the best


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