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Portfolio update-09/01/2020


What a day for the portfolio!!!

SQ reached its target and the options bought at 155 calls reached 150% and the options bought at 160 strike price doubled.

ATVI went up in the first hour but fell down after that. still expecting a move to 86 at least.

TTWO is moving up. We might see a big move coming to 180 pretty soon

ETSY moved big and crossed the 45 degree of 124. We expect ETSY to touch 130 by end of this week and hopefully our 130 calls options for this week averaged out at 1.76 gives us atleast 50%

GDX reached the second resistance at 42.94 and the option price doubled. Missed the opportunity to sell. Believe GDX has more upside with overdue time. First target 44.88 second target above 46.


BT HD Sep11 185 calls for 4.75. Target is 296 and above.

BT YETI Sep20 52.5 calls for 2.55. Target is 56 and above

BT ZM 440-490 vertical call spread for 16$. Expect ZM stock to go to 500 and the spread close to 50

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