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Portfolio update-09/03/2020


Today SPY started going down after crossing the critical are of 356-358. We might see going SPY to 331 region i a 3 wave. We might see SPY rebound from 338.24 to 355 before forming a third wave down.

SPY Sep 03 Daily Chart

HD retraced back big time today and touche the flat line resistance of 274. We have next week calls. Hope fully HD would go back to 288.

HD Sep 03 Daily Chart

Yeti broke through the flat line support of 51.72 after staying for 2 days . Feel this will come back stronger and reach 55 and above.

ATVI closed below the conversion second day at 83.46 but is above the flat line support of 83.13. Today, it went back to 78.70 from where it started the ascend. We will see it go to 88.70 which is a 90 degree move from 78.70.

TTWO fell down and came to 37.5 retracement from 50% retracement as shown in the chart below. It can go to 178.50 , 181.92 from here.

GDX continues to baffle. Time wise it is way over.But may be it needs 21 days to get to the the target of 45. Rolled the existing 40 calls for this week to next week for a debit of .50 cents. Not bad

ETSY is inching closer to the flat line resistance of 112 and it hit in the post market. After hitting 112 and below, it may hit targets of 127 and 135 and 141 respectively

TSLA went below the conversion and is not looking great. Now it formed a flat line resistance at 447. Tomorrow it may inch to 447 and retrace back to 377 area. Should be removing the spread around 444 area

TSLA Sep 03 Daily Chart

WIX has potential of going to 312 and 343. It fell for 4 days and has been consolidating for 18 days. Will wait for around 21 days to see if there is a move to atleast 312. Lets see what is in store for next week


BT Sep 11 SPY 345 puts for 5.15 with a target of 338.24

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