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Portfolio update-09/02/2020


All our picks went down in the morning but sprung back.

HD made its first move above the conversion from the time we started and the calls are already 50% up. Expect these calls to move to 296 and above. Planning to sell 1/2 at double

YETI had a wild swing today. However, the encouraging news is it closed second day above 51.72. First target for this is 55.41. Hopefully, we reach there soon

ATVI closed below the conversion second day at 83.46 but is above the flat line support of 83.13. Give it one more day. Not so happy with the price action. As per the fibonacci, expected a move to 90.

TTWO is moving up. Closed first day above the conversion.

GDX closed at 41.76 above 41.75 flat line resistance which is good news. Has lot of room to run but does it have legs. Have to see tomorrow. Target 44, 44.88, 46, 48. Hoping for 44 target

ETSY rose to 129.94 just 6 cents shy of the target. It was painful to see ETSY retrace all the back to 120.25 and come back to 124.37. can this go back to 132 but am not sure if there would be any profits left to take. So , to capitalize the move, I added Sep 04 ETSY 124 calls as mentioned below

TSLA finally gave an opportunity touching MA 10 and Conversion. Looks like TSLA wants to soar over 600 with the fibonacci retracement at 62.5%.


BT TSLA Sep 20 440-500 vertical call spread for 17.50 and 20.

BT ETSY Sep 04 124 calls for 2.80

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